Religious Invitations - Crosses


According to the book of John, no man hath greater love than one that will lay down his life for others. The cross is the symbol for this love, and it is one of the most beloved symbols of the Christian religion. Tiny Tidings has a beautiful collection of designs featuring crosses of all types and colors. Some of our most elegant invitations have crosses printed in silver or gold foil. We also have religious cards with crosses for twins and with Irish designs. Thank you cards are available to match all of our Christian invitations. Our invitations are custom printed, so your favorite design can be worded for communion, confirmation, christening, and dedication celebrations.
Blue Filigree Cross
B2422 Filigree Cross in Blue
Irish Cross Invitations
B2142 Irish Jeweled Cross
Pink Filigree Cross
B2448 Filigree Cross in Pink
Communion Celebration Invitation for Boys
B4985 Celebrate - Blue
Church Window
B1594 Church Window
Communion Celebration Invitation for Girls
B4983 Celebrate - Pink
Colorful Cross - Horizontal
C1859 Colorful Cross - Horizontal
Colorful Cross - Vertical
B1861 Colorful Cross - Vertical
Blue Cross and Grapes
B2474 Blue Cross and Grapes
Celebrate the Cross
B4982 Celebrate the Cross
Greater Love White
C1858 Greater Love - White
Holy Shamrock Religious Invitations
B5001 Naofa - Holy
Celtic Cross Panel
C2472 Celtic Cross Panel
Paisley Cross
B2154 Paisley Cross
Pastel Flowers and Cross
C3426 Pastel Flowers and Cross
Cross on Blue
B1580 Cross on Blue
Floral Lace Cross
C3435 Floral Lace Cross
Cross on Pink
B1574 Cross on Pink
Personalized Blue Banner Cross Invitation
B1310 Banner Cross - Blue
Cross and Doves Invitation for Boys
B057 Cross and Doves
Cross with Blue Background Invitation for Boys
B404 Blue Cross
His Sheep Invitations - Boys
B1928 His Sheep
His Flock Communion Invitations
B1876 His Flock - Blue
Brown Cross and Dots Invitation
B1753 Cross and Dots - Brown
Cross with Blue Border Invitations - Boys
B475 Cross and Blue Border
God Loves Ewe Invitations - Boys
B3428 God Loves Ewe
Blue Cross and Dots Invitation
B1756 Cross and Dots - Blue
Pastel Cross Invitation
B477 Pastel Cross
Blue Plaid Cross Invitations
B3629 Blue Plaid Cross
Pink Cross and Butterflies Invitations
B3651 Butterflies and Cross
All Things New Invitations
B3677 All Things New
Greater Love Invitations
C1866 Greater Love - Pink
Pink Cross and Dots Communion Invitations
B1755 Pink Cross and Dots
God Loves Ewe Invitations for Girls
B3427 God Loves Ewe - Pink
Pastel pink cross communion invitations
B476 Pastel Pink Cross
Dogwood Cross Communion Invitations
B431 Dogwood Cross
Celtic Cross and Roses
B1626 Celtic Cross and Roses
Banner Cross and Shamrocks

B1144 Banner Cross and Shamrocks
Celtic Cross Communion Invitation
B434 Celtic Cross
Cross and Window
B098 Cross and Window
Celtic Cross and Shamrocks
B1147 Celtic Cross
and Shamrocks
Cross Invitation With Pink Border
B474 Cross with Pink Border
Blue Cross
B404 Blue Cross
Floral Cross Invitation
B804 Floral Cross
Pink Cross
B403 Pink Cross
Pink and Silver Cross
C2401 Pink and Silver Cross
Blue and Silver Cross
C2402 Blue and Silver Cross

Verses and Songs Referring to the Cross

1. Deny yourself and come after me.
Take up My cross and follow Me.
(based on Mark 8:34)

2. While we were yet sinners, Christ came from above,
and died for our sins, commending God's love.
(based on Romans 5:8)

Nearer the Cross by Charlotte Abbey

Nearer the cross of Jesus
Ever let me be.
Nearer the flowing fountain,
That cleanseth me.

Nearer the cross of Jesus
There I would abide.
There let me rest forever,
Near Jesus' side.

The Cross by Judson Wheeler Van DeVenter
I will follow Jesus wherever He leads me
and follow Him all the way.
I will bear the cross wherever He needs me.
And will praise him every day.
(adapted from the original wording)

Soldier of the Cross (Author Unknown)

I want to be a soldier of the cross
and a follower of the lamb.
My strength and my salvation
come from the great "I Am."