Religious Invitations - Lambs

Lambs and Sheep

Lambs and sheep are used symbolically through the Bible and are often shown on religious invitations for Confirmations,
1st Holy Communion, Baptism and Christening celebrations. Our 'God Loves Ewe' designs are favorites for both boys and girls.
God Loves Ewe - Blue
B3428 God Loves Ewe - Blue
His Sheep
B1928 His Sheep
God Loves Ewe - Pink
B3427 God Loves Ewe - Pink
Fluffy Sheep - Blue
B244 Fluffy Sheep - Blue
Fluffy Sheep - Pink
B243 Fluffy Sheep - Pink
Fluffy Sheep - Pastel Green
B1227 Fluffy Sheep - Pastel Green
Little Lambs
B1250 Little Lambs
His Flock
B1876 His Flock - Blue
His Pasture
C2258 His Pasture