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Thank You Notes - After the Party

Thank you notes are a must! A birthday party is a good time to remind children of the importance of showing their appreciation. Don't expect a long note, perfect grammar or neat handwriting. Even one sentence, along with their signature is sufficient. For small children, the parent can write the note and have the child sign it. Even a one-year-old will usually be able to "sign" the note with their personalized scribble and these notes are especially treasured by friends and relatives! A wide selection of thank you notes for children are available, so it is easy to find a design that appeals to your child or matches the party theme. If your child enjoys drawing and crafts, they can draw pictures to add to their thank you notes. This can be a fun project to work on for several weeks before the party. Don't forget to include a birthday photo with the note!

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Although thank you notes are not required after funerals, most families want to send a note of appreciation to those who provided support and assistance during their time of loss. If the thought of dealing with numerous thank you messages is overwhelming, it may help to limit yourself to writing only two or three notes at a time. Close friends and extended family members are usually anxious to be of any help and can be called upon to send notes on your behalf. Although most thank you notes are sent within two or three weeks of the funeral, there is no time limit for bereavement note cards, and you should take as much time as you need. If you use a printed thank you note, you can add a sentence or two to express your personal thoughts of gratitude. Whenever possible, mention a specific gift or service, but do not mention the amounts of monetary gifts. Simple thank you notes are often provided as a part of the funeral package, but many people prefer personalized cards with a floral design, a poem or a scripture verse that has special meaning to your family.